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Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day That Often Get Forgotten

Jacqueline Grena with SunRae Planning shares things to remember on your wedding day that get forgotten way more often than you would think they would!

Thinks to Remember on Your Wedding Day | Image of Bride and Groom raising their held hands after being married

Ah, the lists.

The ever-growing, seemingly endless lists that accompany the chaos of wedding planning. 

Despite checking and rechecking, it's almost inevitable that something slips through the cracks. But fear not! 

As your trusted wedding planning team, we're here to share a list of commonly forgotten things leading up to your big day.

8 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

ONE | Clothing and Accessories

Looking your absolute best is a top priority on your wedding day. Ensure your clothing and accessories are in tip-top shape.

Steam your dress, press your suit, tie, vest, and shirt.

Remember jewelry, veil, cufflinks, garter, undergarments, fashion tape, and shoes.

And why not have a spare pair of shoes just in case?

TWO | Wedding Rings

Your engagement ring has been sparkling for months, but don't forget the wedding bands. Entrust someone reliable to carry them—perhaps your best man, maid of honor, or your dedicated wedding planning team.

THREE | Legal Documents/Vows/Marriage License

Make the legalities smooth by having your marriage license ready. If you've written your vows, hand them to your officiant before the ceremony. Discuss the best time to do this during the rehearsal to ensure a seamless exchange.

FOUR | Cash/Vendor Tips

A little extra cash can go a long way in expressing gratitude to those who make your day special.

Have designated envelopes for tips, clearly marked, and a point person to distribute them throughout the day.

FIVE | Food and Water

Keep yourself fueled and hydrated throughout the day. Pre-game with snacks have a healthy breakfast, indulge in the reception food, and make time for nourishment afterward. Stable blood sugar levels will help you enjoy every moment without succumbing to the dreaded "hangries."

SIX | Emergency Kit

Prepare for the unexpected with a well-stocked emergency kit.

Consider items like eyelash glue, tissues, bobby pins, bandaids, breath mints, a mini lint roller, and more. Anticipate more than expected, and you'll be ready for anything.

SEVEN | Wedding Items

Don't forget essential items like the cake topper, cake knife and server, special toasting glasses, guest book, and pen. Ensure your wedding planner or coordinator knows where to find and return them.

EIGHT | Your Sense of Humor and Your Breath

Amid the stress, don't forget your sense of humor.

The most crucial things you bring to your big day are the ability to laugh and your breath. Step into the moment, enjoy it, and savor the culmination of all your hard work.

Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day | Image of Bride and Groom Kissing at a Table at Their Wedding Reception

In the grand scheme, there are things you might forget and things you can't forget.

Focus on the big picture, and let us at SunRae Planning handle the rest. We specialize in being your point person for all things wedding, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.


Happy Planning Lovers!

Jaqueline and the SunRae Planning Team


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