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What we do is all in the 


When you look back at your wedding day, you should remember the crazy unique and personalized details, the feelings that you felt, and the Joy of being married to your best friend. What we offer is a elevated planning, design, and coordination experience that allows you to REVEL in each magical moment as we help you plan and design the most UNBELIEVEABLE night of your life.

Our love for YOU and everything that makes your relationship special is unmatched and we believe that you can have your cake and eat it to.... It's a PARTY and your love story is worth celebrating every step of the way! 

The Experience


Big Picture Planning

HIGHLY personalized    Design

On-site Management

Friends, well... Forever

Our couples are busy professionals and lets be real, planning a wedding that you DREAM OF takes a shit ton of work and that's where we come in. We take hours and hours of research, planning, and design off your plate and are your advocate for all things wedding-related. Don't worry, we keep you VERY involved in the process so that you don't miss out on any of the fun. 

Your relationship is our ultimate inspiration for your wedding design and will help you curate personalized design that goes well beyond anything that Pinterest can offer.
BIG IDEAS?! Nothing is off the table and we cannot wait to create something that WOWs you!

Your MIND BLOWN as all our beautiful wedding design and planning comes to life is literally our entire goal in life. Making sure your wedding is even more incredible than you imagined and being present for all the candid moments? LITERALLY OUR DREAM FOR YOU.scenes. 

We are a relationship-driven company and our clients are first, always and forever. We can pretty much guarantee that there will be tears shed at your wedding because we just love you so damn much.  We support your dreams, your love story, and every beautiful milestone after. Meeting up for happy hour the next time you're in town is pretty much a requirement at this point...Sorry,you're stuck with us!

Video by @thejoshcalhoun

Wedding Planning Packages



Our Full-Service package is ideal for busy couples. You're engaged and have ALL SORTS of epic ideas and you know you want something SO YOU and SO UNIQUE but don't know where to start or how to make your ideas come to life. Our clients want to be involved but trust our expertise to design a celebration that reflects their personality, story, and style through every single detail!
Sample Services from this package:

- Vendor Sourcing & research
- Full Vendor Management
- Complete Design Creation
- Budget Tracking
- Ceremony Rehearsal
-Timeline Creation
-On-site Day-Of Coordination

This package start at $8,500

"The Whole Experience"

Vegas wedding planner, destination wedding planner las vegas, las vegas wedding planner & designer, best planner las vegas
Vegas wedding planner, destination wedding planner las vegas, las vegas wedding planner & designer, best planner las vegas


Our Custom package is ideal for couples who are confident in securing their own vendors or have an eye for design but could use assistance bringing everything together in a cohesive way! We play off your strengths and supplement support where you need it most.

Sample Services from this package:
- Vendor Sourcing OR Design Services
-Timeline Creation
- Monthly Checklists
- Assistance with layout maps
-On-site Coordination

This package start at $6,000

"Just enough help"


Our Event Management package is ideal for a couple who is comfortable securing their vendors, creating a cohesive design, and bringing all the pieces together but know that being present on their wedding day is the most important part of their celebration. This package is our enhanced version of "day-of" coordination but provides you access to our team so that you can lean on a professional throughout the entire process.

Sample Services from this package:
-Unlimited email communication from the date of contract
Timeline Creation
- Monthly Checklists
- Assistance with layout maps
-On-site Coordination

This package start at $3,000

"Enjoy the Moment"


"Let's Do The Damn Thing"

Our elopement planning package is the best of all worlds because we're a one stop shop but you still get a one-of-a-kind celebration... none of that cookie cutter bullshit! If you've decided to elope with you (and maybe a few friends), lets freaking do this!

Your elopement can include:
- Chapel
- Florals
- Cake
- Restaurant Reservation
- Photo / Video / Content Creator

**We customize everything in this package for YOU**

This isn't your typical "all-inclusive" package. We created this to be a one-stop-shop and still give you options to MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Please inquire for pricing!

We're not your average wedding planner & designer...


WE CRAFT   experiences THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED  forever.


Your love story is one-of-a-kind, and your wedding? Well, it should be a total blast, just like you! Got any inside jokes? Quirky quirks? We're all in for that and can't wait to weave them into your wedding adventure. So, let's dive in and make your wildest wedding dreams come true!


At SunRae Planning, we're more than just your wedding sidekick; we're your partners in love, adventure, and memories. Let's take this journey together and create an experience that's truly, uniquely yours, AND LET’S HAVE SOME FUN IN THE PROCESS! 


Whether it's a glamorous Las Vegas wedding, an awe-inspiring ceremony in St. George, or a chic celebration in Salt Lake City, we're here to turn your ideas into a dazzling reality. Let's make your love story come alive – because with us, the answer is always an excited, "hell yeah, we can do that!”


our kind of people

if you.....

  • Believe laughing + Dancing are KEY to a good party

  • Value experiences > things

  • Aren't afraid of a little color

  • Like nice things! 

  • Are inspired by creative design

  • Know your partner is your ultimate BFF

  • Love all the details are "so them!" 

  • Are full of stories

  • Have a unique personality (maybe even quirky!) 

  • Love chocolate cake! I mean, not a deal breaker but it definitely makes me like you even more! 

Vegas wedding planner, destination wedding planner las vegas, las vegas wedding planner & designer, best planner las vegas

Our Motto:

"If Eating Cake is Wrong, I don't Want to Be Right"

- Lorelai Gilmore

Vegas wedding planner, destination wedding planner las vegas, las vegas wedding planner & designer, best planner las vegas


.... and as your planning team, we want you to have all the candid moments, all the extravagent details, and the most EPIC night of your life. 

What it looks like working with our team...

Anyone can plan a wedding .... but what we do? That's a little different. We craft a unique experience with our clients relationship at the core of their celebration.  This will be the BEST DAMN EXPERIENCE of your life and your only job is to say "I DO!" 

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