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Social Content Creation for Weddings: A Guide to Capturing Every Moment

Instant gratification meets social content creation for your weddings.

Listen, we all love it.

It used to be that we had to wait weeks for a first glimpse of the events surrounding our wedding day, but no more! Enter a Social Content Creator. Her main role is to capture your wedding day (and events leading up to the day…think bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.) in real-time and then edit and upload content directly to your Instagram and TikTok accounts!

SunRae Planning talks about social media content creation for weddings

Immersed in the Moment, Shared Online

This allows you to be immersed and present on your wedding day, including your friends, family, and followers in your special moments. Knowing how to work the right angles, get the detailed shots, and shoot first looks, all while uploading with trending audio and filters.

This allows the couple to feel like they are essentially in two places at once.

Online with the people not attending (after the fact, of course), and in person with the people that are: the best of both worlds.

Balancing Content Creation for Weddings with Traditional Photography and Videography

The question we get the most about this is: Do I still need a photographer or videographer?

A content creator is not a substitute for your wedding photographer or videographer. Think of them as a really valuable addition to these areas.

You’ll still want to book your photographer/videographer to capture those album-worthy moments for you and your beloved. However, they may collaborate so you get the best content for your dollar.

Guide to Social Content Creation for Weddings

Finding the Right Content Creator

Doing a simple Google search will bring up lots of different options for people in the field.

You may also find one by searching hashtags on Instagram and TikTok. Try things like #eventcontentcreator or #weddingcontentcreator and make sure to try to find one local to your area by adding the state or city you’re closest to at the end of the hashtag for local results.

Content Style, Equipment, and Delivery

Deciding what kind of content you’d like is essential when hiring a content creator for your wedding events. When looking for a creator, you want to make sure they jive with your style.

You should expect your content creator to show up with the works: multiple phones, chargers, tripods, gimbals, and even some lighting options.

Content creators generally offer packages just like any main vendor for your wedding. Basic packages may look like a Zoom call to discuss your ideas and needs, a custom content plan with a set list, and a certain amount of fully edited reels and highlights.

Some considerations for the cost of a content creator would be the package you choose, does the package includes travel expenses for the creator or is that cost separate, and the experience the content creator has.

Elevate Your Experience with Content Creation for Weddings

Content creation is yet another new and fresh way to capture the memories surrounding your wedding day.

From the intimate moments getting ready with your bridal party to the modern, candid content on the dance floor, content creation can certainly uplevel your experience. At SunRae Planning, we’d love to coordinate and help you find the perfect content creator for your memorable event!


Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline and The SunRae Planning Team



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