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Planning Your Destination Wedding with SunRae Planning

SunRae Planning is here to help you determine which of our packages is best for you as you begin planning your destination wedding.

Got that ring on your finger and now what? We’re what!

Here at SunRae Planning, we don’t just plan destination weddings; we craft experiences that will last forever.

What we do is all in the details.

From helping you choose vendors, venues, and locations to weave your personal touches seamlessly into your wedding day, we offer elevated planning, design, and coordination to ensure you experience magic in every moment of your special day.

UNDERSTANDING OUR PACKAGES | Planning Your Destination Wedding

We have three different package options for you and your significant other to choose from when deciding to work with us.

Below we will break down each package and who and what scenario will work for each! Remember, this is just a guideline. We love to tailor each wedding experience to bring you exactly what you’re looking for!

Package ONE: Wedding Management

Great for the couple who is comfortable securing their vendors, creating a cohesive design, and bringing all the pieces together. This is also ideal for a couple planning an intimate elopement or expecting a few guests.


  • Vendor management in the weeks leading up to your wedding

  • Final walkthroughs to finalize details

  • Managing the wedding day festivities including setup and breakdown

  • Ceremony and reception coordination

  • A wedding day liaison for you, your guests, and your vendors.

Package TWO: Partial Planning

Perfect for couples who already have a vision but need help bringing it all together.

This is also great for out-of-state couples looking for guidance or couples looking to have a small to medium-sized wedding.


  • Logistical planning and vendor recommendations

  • A complete timeline for the couple and contracted vendors

  • Communication with the team via phone, video calls, and email

  • Wedding design guidance

  • Wedding day management: managing the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception coordination, vendor management, setup and breakdown, and acting as a liaison for guests, family, and friends.

Package THREE: The Whole Experience

An all-encompassing planning package with nothing left untouched.

Perfect for the busy professional, couples traveling from out of state, a bride and groom with a large wedding to plan, or someone starting with planning who wants a complete wedding design package.


  • A personalized timeline for the bride and groom as well as an entire itinerary for the wedding party

  • Vendor sourcing and management, including a timeline for all contracted vendors to follow

  • Logistical components including guidance with design, guest lists, event style, etc.

  • Rehearsal and wedding day management, including managing the ceremony and reception coordination, vendor management, setup/breakdown, and acting as a liaison for guests, family, and friends.

Wherever your wedding needs fit within the above options, we’d love to help you make your wedding day one that tells your unique love story.

We love to work one-on-one with our couples to create a tailored, professional, and magazine-worthy experience from our first exploration call down to the very last moments of your wedding day!

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Jacqueline and The SunRae Planning Team



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