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Wedding Planning: How to be Intentional with your Time!

If you’ve never planned a wedding before (like 99% of brides), you might be feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed with everything on your to-do list when it comes to wedding planning. Step number 1: Hire a wedding coordinator! The one move alone will relieve SO MUCH STRESS and the investment is totally worth it. Step number 2: Use these tips to make sure that you’re intentional with your time while wedding planning so that you can maximize efficiency! You are a busy woman and probably balancing work, friends, your fiance, and so many other things so let’s make sure you’re making the most of your time:

Tip #1 - Do a brain dump. If you’re anything like me, you probably have ideas coming to you at all hours of the day and those ideas take up space. Start a wedding journal and every day, take just 5 minutes to dump out all your thoughts and ideas so that you can stop thinking about your wedding ALL DAY EVERY DAY. This is exhausting and will take the fun out of wedding planning.

Tip #2: When you’re browsing Pinterest, look at things other than wedding decor!! I know it’s easy to end up down a rabbit hole of Pinterest weddings but take time to browse other things you care about! For me, it’s recipes. I’m always looking for new healthy recipes so spend time focusing on other interests too! Part B: Schedule specific time to browse for weddings and again, look at more than just wedding decor - consider all aspects of the wedding including inspiration on food, ceremony arches, grand exits, hair and makeup, invitations etc. There is more to a wedding than just the reception decor so make sure that you keep it balanced, keep it in line with your vision and keep it organized in a specific folder (ex. Wedding reception food)

Tip #3: Create time and space on your calendar for weddings. When it’s scheduled into your day (even if it’s 30 minutes a day or 2 hours every Sunday), make sure that you are consistently planning leading up to your big day. This will help eliminate stress so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when you’re 3 months away and you haven’t done anything since you got engaged! As your wedding coordinator, one of the resources I provide to you is a wedding planning checklist. It’s completely customizable once it’s in your hands so that you can stay organized and on track!

Tip #4: Spend time with your fiance every single day! Connecting with your partner will help you remember the reason for all the craziness (AKA Wedding Planning).... Your love for each other! Keeping this in perspective and constantly reminding yourself that your wedding day is more about the commitment you’re making to each other and less about the centerpieces at the reception will help keep stress levels down. :)

Tip #5: When you’re spending time with your fiance, remember to speak kindly to them kindly. Tell them how much you love them and don’t stop doing the little things because you’re letting the planning take over your life. This process should bring you closer together, not drive a wedge between you (which can happen when you start talking about things like guest lists and budgets). Planning a wedding is one of the biggest lessons on ‘compromise’ that you’ll learn as a soon-to-be married couple!

Wedding planning should be FUN and it’s even more fun when you have a wedding coordinator on board to keep you on track and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. I hope these tips help make sure that this process doesn’t drive you completely crazy and if you still find yourself completely overwhelmed, I am here to help. :)

Eventfully, Jacqueline

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