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Patty + Addy's Destination Wedding: Zion National Park

I knew from day one that I was going to love this couple. You know why? Because they're from TEXAS!!! Patty found me on Instagram where her and her maid of honor stalked me before reaching out. She almost had her venue picked out and she definitely knew she wanted a coordinator.

Fast forward through the months of questions, wedding planning, and anticipation and their big day was finally here! (Trust me, I am counting down the days just as much as you are!) Patty and Addy had a very intimate wedding of 22 people for their wedding day and it could not have been more special. It was a clear blue-sky day at Entrada Country Club and it was nothing short of perfection. I arrived on-site and met Patty for the first time in person at their vacation rental with a gorgeous view of the venue. Her bridal party had set up the room that morning and all that was left were the finishing touches. Patty thought of everything - she had programs for each of the chairs, the cutest pashminas for her guests which were perfect when the sun went down and the night cooled off, and personalized gifts for all of her friends who made the journey to Utah for their wedding day.

At 4:00 the ceremony began. The music was playing, the bridesmaids were walking, the officiant invited the guests to stand, and the bride began her walk down the stairs. (side note -- she hadn't wanted to walk down the spiral staircase because she was worried about tripping in her heels. That is a REAL FEAR! But at this venue, it is THE perfect spot for a grand entrance and damn did she amaze!) Yall, Patty was GORGEOUS... Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. And she she was the epitome of grace... See for yourself!!

The rest of the evening was a dream. Her friends and family were all there to witness her and Addy commit to love each other for the rest of their lives and then they partied the night away. I recently received her wedding video (which wouldn't upload because it was too large and I'm so sad I can't share it here) and BAWLED at their vows, laughed at the dance that her bridal party surprised them with, and reminisced the memories that were made on this night that I won't ever forget and neither will they.

I love my 'Eventfully, Jacqueline' couples. I work with you for months and sometimes over a year coordinating your wedding day in whatever way you needed. I am there guiding you. I get sneak peaks of your invitations and decor. I calmed you when you were stressed. I helped you carefully select vendors that could help your wedding dreams come true. By the time the countdown comes to an end, we are f r i e n d s - even if I haven't met you in person yet - and I am so excited for you. I am always so so so thankful when couples give me permission to use their entire photo gallery. Seeing your wedding photos + video brings back so many touching memories for me even though it wasn't my wedding because YOU MATTER TO ME! We laugh. We dance. We got you hitched.... happily and flawlessly and I wouldn't have it any other way.

- Eventfully, Jacqueline

Photo Credit: @Megan_KristiAlysephoto

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