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Zion Weddings: What you need to know about planning a wedding in Zion National Park

I love love love all the stories I hear about the reasons W H Y couples chose to get married near Zion National Park. What a magical place to get married and celebrate your love!! But you already know that ;) But what you might not know is the inside scoop on actually getting married here.... that's where I come in.

As a southern Utah wedding coordinator, Zion National Park is in my backyard and yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am. Here are a few things that you should know about getting married here:

1. Permits + Applications. If you're wondering if you can get married INSIDE the park, the answer is yes! But, there is a process and the first step is to fill out the permit application on their website. There is a $100 application fee and you'll want to read the 'details on getting a wedding permit' document that they have on the site as well. Don't wait! These permits take at least 3 weeks to process this is definitely something that has to be checked off the list in order to get married there!

Keep in mind that this is a National Park - not your ordinary wedding venue and it needs to be treated as such. There are many rules and regulations about what you can and cannot do for decor, noise levels, and catering.... embrace the beauty of Zion National Park by keeping things minimal.

Don't forget that while you are getting married, other people will be there on vacation. Getting married in peak season for the park (summer-fall) might not be the best time of year to get married if you're wanting something a bit more intimate. Keep this in mind when you're choosing your wedding date!

2. Getting Married Outside Zion National Park: If you have more people than they'll allow at an actual ceremony inside the park, the next best option is to get married right outside the park! There are tons of absolutely incredible venue options outside the park in Springdale and St. George, Utah and then you're only a short drive away. This is something that I can absolutely help you with as your wedding coordinator. I have a few options listed on my website but there are so many more than that!

Photography is also regulated in the park so if you're getting married outside of the park but wanting to take photos INSIDE.... you still need the permit! However, there are incredible places outside the park including the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail that you don't need a permit for and it's only about a 1 mile hike. Let's chat with your photographer and make sure you get those perfect Zion shots in your wedding dress!

3. Wedding Vendors: Planning a wedding is hard enough but adding the 'destination' component makes it even harder! This is one of the top reasons to hire a wedding coordinator. I know and have worked with the best of the best wedding vendors in southern Utah. These people are my friends and colleagues and together we create beautiful experiences for our brides. Having the BEST VENDORS in town is the best way to relieve wedding stress because you have confidence that they're going to make your wedding day perfect. When you hire me, you get access to my preferred vendor list and if you're looking for a type of vendor that I don't have listed, I will help you find one!

4. The weather: Southern Utah is right in the middle of the desert. We're not what most people think of when they think 'Utah'. The fall and spring are our peak wedding season because the weather here is literally perfect. Summers are HOT and the winters are MILD but you'll get a great price on venues! If you're budget-conscious, consider the time of year you're getting married and look at the off-season as an option.

TIP: If you decide to get married in the summer, make sure you stay hydrated! Consider early morning or late evening wedding times to avoid the hottest part of the day and consider fans, indoor/outdoor space, water stations, and cute cooling wedding favors. For the winter - keep in mind that you lose daylight earlier so plan accordingly and make sure you have enough light at the venue or rent additional lighting! Cute blankets or hand warmers make great wedding gifts and will keep your guests warm when the sun goes down.

5. Travel + Transportation: Though not directly related to the fun part of wedding planning, this is a logistic that you should know about! For guests that are flying in for your wedding we have two options: the St. George regional airport has direct flights from Denver, Phoenix, LA, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. The Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is about 90 minutes from downtown St. George and the cheapest way to get from there to here is probably a shuttle. I've taken the shuttle many times before and it's super painless and both St. George Shuttle and St. George Express do an amazing job! **PRO TIP: Make sure your guests know that there is a TIME CHANGE between Vegas and southern Utah. We are an hour ahead of Vegas so guests need to keep that in mind if they're coming straight to your wedding. You don't want anyone showing up late and walking in halfway through your ceremony because they didn't know about the time change! ;)

I already know that your wedding is going to be magical if you're considering Zion National Park and I would love to help your vision come true. As your wedding coordinator, I am here to help guide you through this process and be your local resource for all things wedding. Not only am I familiar with the wedding venues and vendors, but I know all the best activities, places to eat, and must-do's while you're here! This is my home and I am so excited that you've chosen Southern Utah + Zion National Park as the location for the biggest day of your life! Hope these tips we're helpful!

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