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Zion Wedding Planner: My promise to Brides!

I promise to be your best friend through the wedding planning process.

I promise to provide the best vendor suggestions that I possibly can

I promise to hype you up when the stress of planning starts to get to you.

I promise that I will execute your wedding with the same love that you put into planning it.

I promise to do everything in my power to make sure your big day is as beautiful (and as stress-free) as you dreamed it would be.

One thing that I can't promise? That I won't cry when I see you in your dress, and when I see your fiances face at the alter as you walk down the aisle, and when you say your vows, and when you have your first dance and...... you get the picture. I'm a crier and I can't help it. I love your love so I can promise that they're happy tears.


Someone asked me once what I loved about doing weddings and it really got me thinking.... I am a planner at heart and I'm dang good at it-- it's a gift, truly, but it's also what set's my soul on fire. I've been on all sides of the event industry and there is nothing more satisfying that going through the planning process with a couple or client and then seeing it all come to fruition. You know that feeling of overwhelming satisfaction when you complete a project and can say 'WOW-- I DID THAT!" That's the feeling that I have after every event I coordinate but even more awesome, I get to make so many friends in the process. I love hearing the story of how they met and how he proposed. I love the unique things that people incorporate into their wedding day because they're significant to their relationship. But most of all, I realized that it's not so much the 'wedding' that I enjoy, but the celebration of L O V E....Because when the cake's been eaten, the dance floors been torn up and the venue lights go off, all that matters is that two people made a promise to love each other forever and I'm just grateful I got to play a small part in their special day.

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