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What you should and shouldn't do the morning of your wedding to ensure a successful wedding day!

Our #1 goal for our clients is to make sure they get to soak up all the magical moments of their wedding day while we whisk them along from one activity to the next so that they don't have to think about anything other than making alllll the core memories!

This is THE WHOLE REASON you hire a wedding planner!

The morning of your wedding day should be:

- Relaxed

- Stress-free

- Filled with positive vibes

- Surrounded by people who LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY

Here is what you should and shouldn't do the morning of your wedding to ensure a successful wedding day!ding day....

What you should DO:

- Choose your best gals to be in the room with you!

- Do make a plan for food! Charcuterie, mimosas, little sandwiches, parfaits.... all great options so that you can eat a little something (even if you've got major butterflies or jitters!)

- HYDRATE! Set yourself up for success!

- Plan a hair and makeup schedule WITH the help of your hair/makeup artist and communicate this with your bridal party!

- Work with your planner to build things into your timeline like first look, private vows, bridal party photos before the wedding (if that's what you want!)

- Do have your wedding details gathered and in a box ready for your photographer to start with!

- Have vendor tips in sealed envelopes ready to go for your planner to distribute! One less thing for you to do at the end of the night.

- Make sure you have vow books, rings, and the marriage license in a safe spot!

- Communicate with your photographer and your bridal party what the plan is so that everyone is on the same page!

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What NOT to do:

= Don't leave your vows to the last minute! Write them and write them in your vow book (if you have one) BEFORE the morning of!

- Don't schedule yourself too tight

- Don't allow negative people in the room!

- Don't wait to steam your dress, veil, or bridesmaid dresses

- Don't wait until the last second to make changes to your timeline.

- Don't forget to communicate your family 'shot list' to your photographer ahead of time.

Making sure you have these things squared away well before the wedding day will mean less stress for you because all your check-list items have already been taken care of. All that is left for you to do is HAVE A FREAKING BLAST!

Happy Planning, Lovers.


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