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Unique Alternative's to a First Dance

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Way back when, in the days of Kings and Queens, the First Dance was an event used to open a ball or special event. This special occasion was led by the guest of honor. In the past, ballroom dancing was a skill that many people had. It was even a part of the educational system at one point. Because of this, ballroom dance was a known skill so many brides and grooms used the Waltz for their First Dance.

Today this has evolved into a modern-day wedding tradition.

For many couples the thought of their first dance is quite daunting and rather terrifying. Some couples may not like to be the center of attention and others may just simply not like to dance. In today’s day and age non-traditional weddings are becoming quite the norm. Although you may not want to be in the spotlight here are a few of my favorite ideas that allow you “dance shy” couples to have a special “couple moment” of your own.

First Drink

Instead of having a First Dance at your reception; how about a First Drink? From champagne towers to shots of whisky or, unity cocktails, not only is this a great alternative to a First Dance but it can also calm your nerves and even help get you in the mood to dance later.

First Song

When I say “First Song” there are many different variations I am referring to. Maybe you are a singer or your handsome groom plays the guitar. How fun would it be to sing a song you wrote to your groom and/or have him play a song he wrote for you? Or, maybe neither of you are musically inclined and a silly karaoke song might be your thing. Nothing is off limits!

First Group Dance

If you like to dance, just not center stage, a group dance with your bridal party can be a good way to get the party started!

This could be a dance battle between the bride/bridesmaids and groom/groomsmen. Or maybe a flash mob is more your style.

If you want to get everyone involved a conga line, the Macarena or even a well-known line dance (the Boot Scootin’ Boogie, the Electric Slide or the Wobble) can be fun and really let your guests cut loose and relax.

First Game

When it comes to games there are A TON of options.

Star Wars Fans?!? A "First Dual"?

Maybe you and your fiancé are avid gamers. A round of Mario Kart or another favorite can be fun to share with your guests.

What about a round of Rock Band or a “First Dance Dance Revolution”? You and your new spouse can show off your competitive side and battle it out on the dance floor that way.

Maybe you guys are sports fans and met at a Lakers game or you are just really active and outgoing. A basketball shoot-off, a First Jump Rope, Hula Hoop or First Bounce in a bouncy house might appeal to you. A bounce house is also a great thing to have on site for receptions where lots of kids will be attending. The adults can enjoy some time mingling while the kids enjoy some bouncing.

First Dance for Same-Sex Couples

One of the more touching ideas I’ve seen is the newlyweds declaring the First Dance for all the same sex couples in attendance. This really shows their support to the LGBTQ+ community and is a great way to help everyone celebrate the real reason they are all together on this big day – LOVE!

The Wedding Shoe Game

A fun way to entertain your guests while testing your knowledge of one another is the Wedding Shoe Game. In this game the bride and groom sit back to back and hold one of each of their shoes in each hand. The “host” will then ask some random and sometimes silly questions to which you will answer by raising the shoe that correlates with your response. For example, the host asks “who has better dance moves?” You both raise the brides shoe in the air because everyone knows the groom can’t hold a beat! J

Dollar Dance/Dollar Selfie

One last idea for you to consider on your big day!

The Dollar Dance has been a long time wedding favorite. How about putting a spin on things and doing a “Dollar Selfie” challenge? As the bride of the ball everyone wants to get a picture with you so why not make a couple bucks and have some fun with it while posing for these Instagram worthy flicks!? Be sure to tell your guests to use your wedding hashtag as they post so you can make a fun Chatbook (Instagram photo book) after the fact.

There are tons of unique and fun ways to celebrate your love that don’t involve you being in the spotlight and center stage. Find something that suits you as a couple and make it into something fun that you can share/celebrate with your wedding guests.

Happy Planning, Lovers!

SunRae Planning


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