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A Timeless Black and White Vegas Wedding

As your luxury wedding planner in Las Vegas, it is our job to bring your vision to life and for Ryly and Dylan, that vision was a timeless black and white vegas wedding straight out of a fairytale.

I still vividly remember the first call that I had with Ryly's mom....

I was pacing around the parking lot at my day job after work and this was one of the first Las Vegas weddings that we had received an inquiry for. I had been commuting back and forth to Vegas for about 2.5 years at that point (oh the joys of a long distance relationship, right?) so I knew that Vegas was going to be a big part of my future and booking a wedding there would be HUGE for me.

Ryly and her fiance were in the airforce academy so obviously VERY BUSY and her mom was helping take the reigns with planning and knew that she absolutely wanted to have someone on board to help with design as well as day-of coordination which is EXACTLY what we THRIVE ON!!

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One of her biggest concerns was the heat.... in July.... in the Las Vegas dessert.

Valid Concern.

After explaining that while yes, it could be incredibly scorching at that time of year, I also explained that IT COULD BE DONE which is why you choose a venue like Hilton Lake Las Vegas with a variety of indoor and outdoor venue options!

Fast forward to..... engagement photos. Honestly just incorporating these into the blog because they were so damn cute and I couldn't not share them. Aren't these two the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Just you wait until you see them in their wedding attire *cue tears* <3

Okay, now we can actually fast forward to their wedding day. In two words?

ROYAL FAIRYTALE. And let me show you why.....


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Their colors were very classy black, white, gold with a splash of greenery and honestly, it's not our usual vibe but we were absolutely feeling it for these two and it fit them so perfectly.

Decisions they made that I absolutely loved:

- They did a private first look + vows.

- Ryly did a first look with all the groomsmen and it was the cutest thing in the world.

- Live music for the ceremony.... SUCH A GREAT WAY TO CLASS IT UP!

- Cut their cake with sabers (it's an airforce thing!)

- Choreographed first dance. Always a fan of this.

- EPIC FREAKING PARTY. This was probably one of the most fun groups of people that I have ever seen and I truly believe they could have partied all night long with the same amount of energy.

- Unplanned "piano bar" sing-along post-reception. Totally unplanned but someone started singing Billy Joel and you can imagine how that looked. Ryly and Dylan were gone at this point but their guests were having too much fun to let the party end!

- Preserving ryly's bouquet. Shameless plug for Impressive Petals Floral Preservation. We are the premier floral preservation company in Las Vegas and Southern Utah and have been preserving bridal bouquets for years. WHY WOULD YOU NOT preserve your bridal bouquet when you could turn it into art like this?!

If you're looking for the perfect garden-vibe, luxurious, picture-perfect, royal wedding venue, look no further than Hilton Lake Las Vegas. The property has so much diverse backdrops for photos and their team is super easy to work with!

Ryly and Dylan..... LOVE YOU FOREVER. Your wedding day was an absolute dream and I wish you both the absolute best.

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