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Southern Utah Wedding Venue: Entrada Country Club

Peace. Beauty. Awe.

Before writing this blog, I went to Entrada Country Club to see what I f e l t while I was there and those were the first three words that came to mind.

Deep breath in…. exhale out. THAT is how peaceful I felt.

The sun was shining, the golf course was green and perfectly manicured, and the trickling water on the red rock waterfall had me wanting to leave all my responsibilities behind and just stay right there all day.

My number one piece of advice to brides when they’re hiring vendors is to “make sure it feels right… go with your gut.” The perfect venue is not perfect unless it also FEELS perfect and compliments the FEELING that you want to have on your wedding day. For me, this venue checks all the boxes.

Y’all. This is one of my favorite venues in Southern Utah. Entrada Country club is set up right next to Snow Canyon State Park which means the views are picturesque (and make for i n c r e d i b l e photos too!)

A couple perks about the venue:

1. They provide tables and chairs, plus they handle the set-up!

2. They have on-site catering and it is AMAZING. Everything I’ve ever had at Entrada has been amazing!

3. If you’re planning a destination wedding, they also provide on-site lodging and group rates through the Inn at Entrada (435-634-7100). There are not any hotels that are close by but nothing beats staying on-site when your guests are coming in from out of town.

You might be thinking…. "Where would I have the ceremony? What about the reception?” One of the reasons that I love this venue is because of the private indoor/outdoor space. Typically, brides will have the ceremony on the lawn with the GORGEOUS red rock backdrop and then shift to the indoor ballroom and patio for the reception.

Are these photos not amazing?! And I haven’t even mentioned the BEST PART YET!! You will feel like freaking Cinderella as you come down the staircase on the side of the venue to make your grand entrance as you take your walk down the aisle to become a Mrs. LOOK AT THIS BRIDE (insert heart emoji here).

The views… perfect. The indoor/outdoor space….perfect. The staircase for your grand entrance…. Really freaking perfect!

But what about working with the venue?

Working with Entrada has ALWAYS been an absolute breeze for me as a wedding coordinator and I know that the same experience is passed to their brides. I interviewed their sales manager, Carey (who you will LOVE working with, by the way!) and she said that “the staff at Entrada love working with brides because everyone is different. (She) likes meeting with the different personalities, working with unique aesthetics and finding out what is important to them. The staff is great to work with and they honestly care about the experience of the bride and groom, as well as their guests, and go above and beyond with each event to ensure everyone has the best possible experience. The staff at Entrada are willing to figure out “how to make it work”, no matter what your vision might be!”

I am no writer, y’all but it’s times like these that I WISH I could adequately and eloquently convey how much I love this venue and just how beautiful it is. The pictures don’t even do it justice!

If you’re interested in booking this venue you can call Carey and she will take great care of you.

Happy Planning, Lovers!

Eventfully, Jacqueline

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