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Southern Utah Wedding: The Blushing Bride

Come with me back to February 9, 2019... I was registered for a local conference for work called 'Ignite Your Influence' and was soooo nervous to go. It was a women's conference but I didn't know a single other soul that was going to be there and going to something like that alone, was T E R R I F Y I N G. So I show up that morning, fashionably late (so I thought) but apparently not late enough! There were only a handful of ladies there so I got some food from the buffet and sat down with a group of older women. They were friendly enough and we chatted. It was fine. Then a couple younger looking ladies walked in the door and they were both so cute! I watched from a distance for just a bit and after they sat down, I got up the urge to go over and introduce myself to them. Long story short, we became quick friends and I spent the rest of the conference with them. Hold onto that little bit of information as we continue!

As part of the conference we participated in a 'Dream Board' in which we wrote our name and a big goal we had for that year onto a sticky note and put it up on a giant board for everyone to see. Throughout the day, people would go to the board and see who's dream they could help come true. Some were looking for a photographer, others wanted a gym buddy, other wanted an introduction for a job or an internship. Everyone had a big goal that they put down on their paper and here was mine....

I wanted to book a wedding for 2019. I had JUST BARELY decided to go out on my own a couple weeks before and I didn't even have business cards made. I told myself that I was literally crazy to think that somehow writing down 'book a 2019 wedding' on a little sticky note for everyone to see, was going to actually lead to a booking.

Remember those friends I met? Turns out, one of them was recently engaged. NO FREAKING WAY, RIGHT?! Janet, this sweet incredible soul made a verbal commitment to me that day that she wanted to chat about hiring me as her W E D D I N G COORDINATOR. Ya'll this was the very first wedding that I had booked on my own as 'Eventfully, Jacqueline' and I was at a loss of words. "It really worked" ..... I am a strong believer in affirmations but I am still blown away when stuff like that happens and it happened to me!

Fast forward to August 2019 at Entrada Country Club. Janet's Big Day. This beautiful Southern Utah wedding was incredibly special to me and now you understand why. Janet has come to be a close friend and I am so grateful to that conference for bringing her into my life. Not only did I LOVE this sweet gem, but I was in LOVE with everything about her wedding and had a blast being her wedding coordinator.

I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE!! Doesn't she literally scream 'blushing bride' in that stunning pink wedding dress? Janet is bold. Janet is kind. Janet is Strong. And I love that she was 100% true to herself as she planned this darling wedding.

Janet thought of everything and I couldn't even begin to touch on all the personal details that she added that were unique to her and Jared but I especially loved this one....

You know that old tradition: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue? Well, Janet decided to go with her own unique spin on it by taking 4 photos on her wedding day.

Something Old: The people who knew her before she met Jared

Something New: The new people in her life because of Jared

Something Borrowed: The people who were there as 'plus ones' that she didn't really know

Something Blue: Everyone at the wedding that was wearing blue.

How. Stinking. Cute.

Okay, okay, okay.... I can't hold back anymore. Let me tell you (or show you) my absolute most favorite part of her entire wedding.

TA DA!!! CAN YOU EVEN?! I am obsessed with this darling phone booth that she used and @Jocelynsfloral did a phenomenal job (as always) with the flowers on this. Janet had her heart set on pink peonies for her wedding and Amy (Jocelyn's Floral). Made it happen. If I remember correctly, they had to be flown in from Alaska because they were not in season in Utah in August. Janet was soooo thrilled that she was able to have the peonies! Did I mention that the best part of having a southern Utah wedding is the stunning natural backdrop? Love me some red rocks, baby!

P.S -- did you see that rad tandem bike over there? You bet they actually used it. What could be classier than a grand exit ON A TANDEM BIKE?!

Janet and Jared had a beautiful love story and it was all the little tiny details that went into the planning of their wedding that really made the difference. Can't finish out the blog for this beautiful Southern Utah Wedding without sharing a few more of their cute wedding details!

One of my favorite parts about being a wedding coordinator is watching each couple uniquely express their love in the elements of their wedding. I will be forever grateful to this beautiful blushing bride for hiring me as her wedding coordinator to help execute her perfectly planned wedding day and for the friendship we have now because of it!

-Eventfully, Jacqueline

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