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Southern Utah Wedding Planner

Hi! We are the SunRae Planning team.... if you've read any of our blogs before now, THANK YOU!! Running a small business is hard and I have created this brand, our team, our assets, and our website from scratch and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. Anyone know anything about SEO because we're still figuring it out!

Anyways, as we head into the New Year (almost 4 years for us as a team, woot woot!) I realized that I've never really introduced our team and what we stand for so here we go.

We are SunRae Planning.... an event planning company that specializes in creating vibrant experiences that uniquely represent our clients stories, visions, and values. Our goal is for you to avoid feelings of overwhelm through the planning process by helping you with all the logistical aspects of the event and keep things running smoothly. We manage things from start to finish so that you, the client, can focus on your guests and take all the credit for years to come!

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Services we offer:

- Corporate Event + Retreat Planning

- Securing Room Blocks

- Destination Management

- Venue Sourcing

- Vendor Management

- Wedding Design

- Full-service event planning

- Photography content styling

- Photography workshop styling

- Event Planner Mentorships

- And so much more... basically, if you're planning an event there isn't much that we can't help with!

My name is Jacqueline and I am the CEO... I am more than just a name behind the company because my heart and soul goes into the events that we plan and the relationships that I build with our clients. A bit about me....

I loves planning kick-ass events, going to spin classes and am a major fan of all things flowers. I believe that just about anything can be solved with a fruity martini and a spreadsheet and if that doesn’t work, its possible you’ll find me watching Gilmore Girls while binging hot honey pepperoni + pine

apple pizza (my latest addiction.) I am engaged to a handsome fella named Ed and the only thing I doesn’t like about him is having to learn a new signature when she takes on his last name…. K’s in cursive are HARD! I love letting him plan their vacations to exotic places and also helps him run a Greek + Italian restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. I run on everything except caffeine but mostly chocolate cake and Texas Pride. I am a gifted napper, flower whisperer, and calendar organizer but I sucks at sending Holiday cards…. Hey, you can’t be great at everything! If you are overwhelmed, hate handling logistics, have no interest in planning an awesome event (or preserving the flowers from one!)… YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! I can’t wait for you to get all the credit + compliments for the next vibrant event that we… cough cough…. I mean “YOU” plan.

"CEO" feels big and corporate and you know what? I'm just me. I a friend, fiance, fellow gym rat, chocolate cake eating, flower loving woman who just wants to help you plan an epic event and I do a damn good job of it.

We are a TEAM and I couldn't do it without my right hand planner, Kyleigh. She has been in the event industry for about 6 years and loves our clients as much as I do. Kyleigh has an eye for detail and especially loves seeing a beautiful set-up come together. She is also an entrepreneur and runs her own esthetician business as well. Facial before your wedding, anyone?! She is a hustler and we are so lucky to have her on our team and she's been with us since the beginning. When you're working with Kyleigh, you're in great hands!

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Potential Corporate Clients.... THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! I love corporate events and as I continue to expand my business and take this full time, I cannot wait to see what we can create together. I have a lot of beautiful photos from weddings and the amazing clients that I've worked with and if you take one thing from this blog post it's this....

We are here for YOU no matter what that looks like. I think all of my past clients could attest to my passion + commitment, our responsiveness, and our willingness to go above and beyond to make sure their event was everything and more that they dreamed it would be.

So why choose SunRae Planning vs another destination planner or local planner?

"We specialize in creating vibrant experiences that uniquely represent our clients stories, visions, and values" is not just a catchy phrase but a value that we feel to our very core and yes.... we want you to have all the credit! Attendees/employees raving about their annual retreat? THAT IS WHAT WE WANT!! This is real feedback that I received from a retreat that I planned fall 2022....

"Jacqueline and her team went above and beyond to ensure our corporate retreat was a success. From curating ideas for activities, to accommodating last-minute changes, to being on-site to ensure the event went smoothly, Jacqueline’s experience and professionalism were nothing short of invaluable."

And this is what a recent bride said about us...

"Jacqueline is AMAZING and I can't think of anyone better to have helped us plan such an amazing and special wedding weekend (and this is coming from someone who absolutely LOVES to plan!)!! We started planning with Jacqueline a full year and a half out from the wedding... from the very beginning, we knew we had to work with her because of how responsive, sweet, and great of a listener she is. It was also super clear that she's got so much experience in the wedding industry + event planning and it all shows in how organized and attentive to detail she is. From our initial planning call to receiving her wedding guide book and preferred list of vendors to her always being there with an answer or suggestion or tip for my ENDLESS questions, I can say she went above and beyond and really empowered us to plan the most magical weekend ever!!! We can't stop reliving it!!

As for the actual wedding weekend, it went beyond what we expected and could have even imagined. Even when last minute changes that were out of our control popped up the week-of the wedding, she always was able to have a back-up plan and helped us stay sane and calm! We felt at ease knowing that on the day of, she + her amazing team truly had it all under control and not only that but that she was able to bring our wedding vision to life (and once again, better than I could have imagined). Words can't begin to explain how grateful we are and that because of her and her team, we didn't have to worry about the logistics of the day and that we could spend the day truly soaking in each other and being surrounded by our family and friends. She also would magically appear when we were thirsty or hungry... magically, a can of sparkling water would appear... or a plate of the cocktail hr food and dinner food would be plated!! Our hearts are so full and I could go on and on even more about how amazing it was working with Jacqueline. If you're on the fence, don't be, you need Jacqueline!! Whichever package you go with, Jacqueline and her team are AMAZING and you won't regret it a bit!!!!

P.S. We're also getting Jacqueline to preserve my bridal bouquet and am so glad the flowers aren't going into the trash - so this is a nice add-on if you''re looking into this!

P.P.S. It was also very important to us to have a Chinese tea ceremony and Jacqueline is very open and flexible to help you create the day and/or weekend that is uniquely you!!! If this is something you're considering as well, know that Jacqueline and her team can help you make it happen!!" - Nick and Janet

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We believe that your wedding should be a unique representation of your love story which means ..... we don't do cookie cutter events! ⁠

We LOVE personal touches and experiences that mean something to you as a company/couple or that are just DIFFERENT than anything you've ever seen. ⁠

Not only does this make your event that much more special, it makes it more memorable to your guests and if we're being honest, we all know that having people talk about how freaking awesome your event was is a major bonus. ;) ⁠

If you have ideas, let's incorporate them! ⁠

If you're not sure how to personalize your event, we can help brainstorm! ⁠


Happy Planning, Friends!

Jacqueline + The SRP Team⁠

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