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Planning a Destination Photography Workshop? Here's What You Need to Know

Are you planning a destination photography workshop, and you are wondering HOW?!

The short answer? HIRE A PLANNER TO HELP.

As a photographer, you (our fellow wedding vendors) need to have beautiful content to help market yourself as the premier choice for your clients... WHICH MEANS, you need allll the beautiful dream destinations so that they can prove to their clients that:

A. your work is gorgeous and you are familiar with shooting in that destination

B. that you are knowledgeable and the best choice compared to other photographers.

Go ahead, put your camera down, and give this an important scroll!

Are you planning a destination photography workshop? Learn what you need to know from SunRae Planning, an event planner based in Southern Utah.

Planning a Destination Photography Workshop

This is why a lot of more experienced photographers are hosting these retreats/workshops, to help other photographers grow their businesses and build their portfolios.

Most experienced photographers also teach the photographers how to use that content for marketing purposes which is something that Megan Macphail really emphasizes with her students.

BUT photographers are the experts in PHOTOGRAPHY, not necessarily design + coordination which is OUR specialty.

When photographers try to do TOO MUCH, they hurt themselves because the logistics and design take up a lot of time, detail, and execution when the host photographers SHOULD be focusing on teaching their students where they excel most–taking epic photos and using them to market themselves!

10 Steps for Planning a Destination Photography Workshop

Here is a doable step-by-step process to get you started, but seriously….let’s chat because we can help you with SO MUCH!

ONE | Choose a destination—consider the time of year, the weather in that destination, the ease of access, the availability of lodging, and when your ‘off season’ is.

TWO | Choose a couple of dates.

THREE | Find yourself a planner.

FOUR | Collaborate on basic ideas that you really want to incorporate (maybe this is a specific model, dress style, or even a theme).

FIVE | The planner (AKA US!) will take your basic ideas and run with them! We will create a Pinterest board and create a cohesive mood board detailing our ideas and inspirations for all parts of the workshop as well as for each shoot you want to execute.

SIX | Once we have your approval, we move to the vendors.

SEVEN | While we find and secure vendors to execute our vision, you are working on CONTENT!

  1. What are you going to teach your attendees? Marketing? Timelines? Branding? Where do you excel and what knowledge can you share?

  2. What else do you want to incorporate into the workshop? Hikes? Headshots?

  3. What value are you adding? Lodging included? Meals? Gifts? Prizes?

EIGHT | In the background, we are checking in with you to have you sign contracts/pay deposits for any vendors requiring payment AND you are marketing the workshop. We will HYPE IT UP if you tag us so that we can help get the word out too!

NINE | It’s workshop TIME!!! We will arrive early with you to scout the locations that you’ve decided on and then on workshop days, we will have a timeline created so that we can get everything set up while you’re with the workshop attendees. When you show up….all you do is shoot! Showcase your magic skills!

TEN | CELEBRATE a successful workshop. This is SUCH A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT. We are so honored to help you along the way with this experience and we can’t WAIT to see the photos that you and your attendees captured!

Our Workshop Bucket List

We have a ‘destination bucket’ list too—interested in hosting in any of these locations?

Lake Zell, Austria

Italy (Lake Como)



Mt. Rainier National Park

Nashville, Tennesee

Glass House Venue TN

Dallas, Texas

A Castle in Scotland

Banff National Park

We would LOVE to help in planning and bringing your destination photography workshop to life!

We also specialize in Zion National Park and Las Vegas Workshops. There is SO MUCH GREAT CONTENT to capture in both of these locations.

Let’s dream together, friends!

Trust me when I tell you that you need a planner on your team to host a successful photography workshop in any destination. While you’re focusing on content training with your photographers, we are making sure the timeline is running smoothly by ensuring the vendor team gets everything set up so that when you arrive, all you have to do is SHOOT! We run around, make sure we have all of the rentals, and the unique props, the models are dressed and ready, and the set-up is freaking EPIC!

Don’t worry…we’ve got you.

Happy Planning, Photographers!


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