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Modern Spring Wedding Trends 2023

Explore 2023 Modern Spring Wedding Trends with SunRae Planning, a Southern Utah-based Wedding Planner.

Explore 2023 Modern Spring Wedding Trends with SunRae Planning, a Southern Utah-based Wedding Planner.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding, especially with the everchanging modern spring wedding trends. Plus, it is by FAR one of the best times of year to get married if you are considering a Zion Wedding or Las Vegas wedding!

The flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer, and there is a sense of new beginnings in the air.... before the heat sucks it dry!

The design phase for spring weddings is my favorite because there are such fun ways to enhance the overall aesthetic with simple touches that really highlight your personality AND the springy vibes!

Bold linens, texture, unique chargers, in-season florals full of color, and luscious outdoor venues… All beautiful ways to bring “SPRING” to life in your wedding design! Just like the flowers that bloom, I’m going to cover the blooming modern spring wedding trends of 2023.

Pull up a seat!

You don’t want to miss this.

Explore 2023 Modern Spring Wedding Trends with SunRae Planning, a Southern Utah-based Wedding Planner.

But First, What is a Spring Wedding?

A spring-themed wedding is one that incorporates elements of the season, such as fresh flowers, pastel colors, and natural textures. They incorporate seasonal spring flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, and cherry blossoms, throughout the entire day. It’s so fun to use natural textures, such as wood or grass, in your decor.

All these elements can add romance and beauty to the celebration, regardless of whether it is a traditional or modern wedding. Create a stunning spring wedding that reflects your personal style. There are many ways to do this, especially in the era of modern spring wedding trends in 2023.

Now, let’s walk through them to make your special day even more special!

The Modern Spring Wedding Trends in 2023

Spring-themed decor can add romance and beauty. It also can enhance both overall traditional and modern celebrations that truly reflect your style!

Here are some fun trends that are “IN” for 2023.

1 | The Pantone Color of the Year

The biggest hit of spring weddings is always incorporating fun bold colors! Luckily, this year's Pantone color of the year is Fuschia! Where typical spring wedding colors are blush pink, rose gold, green, and yellow,

Fuschia now adds that stunning color palette with better POP to your wedding.

2 | Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers…ALWAYS. Such a wide variety of flowers are in bloom during this time so work with your florist to see what your options are. Most importantly, give them a little creative freedom to bring your vision to life without copying something from Pinterest!

3 | Outdoor Welcome Parties

For destination weddings, outdoor welcome parties are so IN! This means having pool parties, BBQs, etc. when your whole wedding party and guests arrive. This is such a fun way to jump-start your spring wedding journey.

Embrace the beautiful weather during this time of year!

4 | Statement Aisles

What better way to make a bold statement than your aisles?! What’s trending for modern spring weddings this year are soft curves in the aisle, unique ceremony set-ups, gorgeous statement florals, drapings, and installs full of fresh greenery and flowers.

5 | Bold Linens!!

Make your wedding scream “SPRING” by incorporating fun linens from companies like CV Linens! Nothing says modern spring like fun pink or blue linens. Besides, “white and ivory” is boring!

Modern spring wedding trends are all about having some fun with it (AND staying within your budget!)

6 | Bold Patterns

Even better than bold linens…..BOLD PATTERNS!

Spring wedding trends are leaning towards patterns with an emphasis on natural textures and prints. Floral or leafy linens or napkins go a long way in making a statement and are a super easy way to dress up your reception space!

7 | Shape

Modern spring wedding trends this year are all about unique shapes for menus, thank you notes, charges, napkins, etc. Throw out the boring traditional shape and get creative!

For instance, a fun leaf or floral shape is a subtle nod to spring and makes your wedding unique!

8 | Outdoor Venues

Outdoor venues are the perfect way to celebrate spring weddings–and they're trending! Parks, gardens, country clubs, or venues with lush manicured lawns are the perfect setting for a springy wedding!

Overall in 2023, modern spring weddings are embracing bold colors and fresh flowers are a must-have. Outdoor welcome parties and statement aisles are on-trend while incorporating bold linens and patterns adds a vibrant touch to the reception space.

Unique shapes for menus and other wedding elements are also gaining popularity, and outdoor venues such as parks and gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a spring wedding.

Above all, spring weddings are so fun and one of our busiest times of the year!

Maximize your wedding budget by leaning into fresh in-season flowers, bold colors and patterns, and naturally beautiful venues.

What are you loving most about the spring 2023 wedding trends?!

Happy Planning, Lovers!




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