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How Many Outfits Does a Bride Need for Her Wedding?

If no one has told you, let me be the first: your wedding dress does not have to be the only special outfit that you wear as a bride!

There are many events that honor you as a bride. Why not make every single one extra special for you? Plus, the focus will be on YOU so make sure you’re in something that makes you feel GORGEOUS!

Take advantage of that spotlight and we got you covered with tips!

How Many Outfits Does a Bride Need for Her Wedding | Wedding Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner; SunRae Planning

What to Consider When Picking Multiple Bridal Outfits

Now that you’ve fully committed to owning that spotlight (or at least considering it), the one thing to consider when picking multiple bridal outfits for your events is a budget! I know…that word makes me jump too.

While you always want to keep your main focus of the budget on your wedding day, consider what you can include for the extra events and possible bridal outfit costs. A budget is always great because it makes sure you’re making the most of it and not having to worry about coming up short in the end.

Consider any themes of the events happening so you can pick the right bridal outfit to match the event! If there is a cocktail-themed event or Disco themed event, pick your bridal outfit to match (while sticking with what fits your personality).

Because when you feel gorgeous, you look gorgeous!

Events to Wear Multiple Bridal Outfits

There are many events leading up to your wedding day to celebrate you as a bride, so make everyone special for you!

Some events you can wear something special for are:

Engagement Party: The spotlight is on you and your partner this day, why not stand out from the crowd by picking an outfit that matches your personality?

Engagement Photos: These are photos that will last you a lifetime! Also think, how often do we get an opportunity to be professionally photographed? This is your moment to put on that special outfit you’ve always wanted to be photographed in.

Rehearsal Dinner: Although this may just seem like a dinner with your loved ones before your big day, take advantage of the moment by wearing something that WOW everyone!

Welcome Party: Just as the party is for kicking off your wedding, your bridal outfit for this event should serve the same meaning to kick off the wedding with a bang.

Bachelorette Party: This party is all about you! Coordinate your special bridal outfit for this based on the theme and something that makes you feel great and be able to celebrate freely.

Bridal Shower: While this is a daytime event, it is still your moment to wear a bridal outfit that you feel fantastic in.

Getting Ready Outfit: If you are (as most do) having your getting ready process photographed, feel your fantasy and wear a bridal outfit that is more than just your PJs. This can be like a silk set or a breathtaking ostrich feather robe!

Wedding Dress: THIS IS YOUR MOMENT! I don’t have to give you any advice on how stunning you will look walking down the aisle *happy tear*

Reception Dress: While you can choose to stay in your wedding dress, why not seize the moment and swap into something that will make you comfortable and be a stunning outfit?!

After Party: We know the celebration does not end the second the reception venue closes. Like most celebrities at the Met Gala, it’s time to change looks for the after-party!

Post-Wedding Bunch: While a post-wedding brunch is to reminisce and recover from the night, don't miss the opportunity to live your fantasy! Perhaps a giant sun brim hat or have your Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment.

Honeymoon: Yes, this is a time for you and your partner, but you know you both will be taking pics to show everyone back home. Don’t miss the opportunity to wear something just as beautiful as the honeymoon location.

There are a lot of ways to theme these events based on your personality, the venue or city they’re in, your own likes, or any other fun theme you come up with! No matter what, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and choose something that you will feel beautiful and confident in!

Suggestions On Where to Get Bridal Outfits

As we’ve mentioned, keep your budget in consideration along with the theme of the event. Some of our favorite spots for stunning bridal outfits for any occasion along your wedding journey are:


Untamed Petals

Baltic Born


Baltic Born

House of CB


Altar’d state

Thrift stores


Hello Molly

Bella and Bloom

Rent the Runway (or similar)

Don’t forget you could also look through someone else’s closet if you want to take a part of the “something borrowed” rhyme. If you have a friend whose wardrobe you absolutely love, now is the time to use the “I’m the bride” card!

How Many Outfits Does a Bride Need for Her Wedding | Wedding Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner; SunRae Planning

There are many outfits a bride could need and not need. I’m not saying that you need to go crazy for ALL of these events but don’t stop yourself from making the most out of these events.

Other occasions besides your wedding day can allow you to go free, choose something completely different from your wedding dress or something similar–but always shorter so you can freaking party!

Express yourself and wear something you love!

Happy Planning, Lovers!


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