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Everything you Need to Know about 'Groom Attire'

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

There are lots of things to consider when deciding what to wear on your big day. After the bridesmaids’ dresses have been selected it is prime time to start your search for the perfect attire. You want to have this step completed at least 4 months prior to the wedding and pick up the suit/tux at least 2 days before the big day.

A few questions you will want to know the answers to BEFORE you start shopping around:

What is the dress code for my wedding? (Casual, semi-formal, Black/White tie)

What season is my wedding in?

Will we be indoors or outdoors?

What are the official wedding colors? (There is a big difference between Ivory and White, just ask your bride-to-be.) ;)

What color are the bridesmaids wearing? (A picture of the dress in natural light or a fabric swatch can be very helpful.)

One thing’s for sure, when it comes to your wedding, you better be the best-dressed man in the room!

Rent vs. Buy

First things first, you can ALWAYS tell the difference between a well-tailored suit/tux and one off the department store rack. When making the decision to rent or buy, think about how many events you might be able to wear the attire to in the future. If you don’t foresee any events in the next 2yrs or so it may not be a justifiable purchase. In this case, renting can really save you some money.

If you decide to rent, go to a more high-end rental agency where they can ensure you will get the great fit you are looking for. Fit is everything.

If you decide to purchase, I suggest going with something more traditional and versatile so it stays in style for many years to come.

Outdoor vs Indoor Wedding Wear

When it comes to the season of your wedding, this can dictate whether the festivities will be held indoor, outdoor, or maybe even a little bit of both.

If you are having a destination wedding in the warmer months at Zion, or, on the beaches of California, the dress code could be similar. Most of these types of weddings go for the typical white shirt and khaki look. This is great! But, make it your own. You could go with a light gray or pale blue suit to switch it up a bit. Brown dress shoes are common but for the beach, a good boat shoe might be a more fitting choice.

If you are having a wedding in the cooler months, this could be indoor or outdoor, black-tie or casual. If you decide to wear a navy suit for your “dressy-casual” wedding, your groomsmen might look nice in navy pants and a white dress shirt with no jacket. Your attire will vary. One way to really customize your wedding attire to your personality is the way you accessorize.


Whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, there are so many different things you can do to put your own spin on things. When it comes to what you are wearing, no matter how casual or formal the day is, these little details can make all the difference.

Cufflinks - Custom cufflinks can really add a nice touch to formal or semi-formal wedding attire. These could all be identical or customized to each individual. These make a great gift for your groomsmen. :)

Pocket Squares - A colored or patterned pocket square is a great way to accessorize your suit/tux. You can have these embroidered with your groomsmen’s names, the wedding date, or even your wedding hashtag. These also make a great gift for the men in your wedding party.

Socks – Socks are a fun way to let your groomsmen show a bit of their own personality. Whether this is a casual or formal event, typically the socks won’t show so go all out and be you!

Although there is no substitute to being fitted and trying on your suit or tux before ordering it, I do work with a reputable online suit company, Sartoro. This company has made custom sizing a breeze, with an online Digital Tailor that uses a few basic inputs to

predict body measurements as accurately as an in-store fitting.

Y'all...It really works! I used Sartoro for a model in a styled shoot that I put together and we went through his measurements, ordered this suit, and it fit like a glove! I wouldn't recommend a company if I didn't trust and believe in their quality!

Visit and use my promo code “EJGROOM” for 15% off orders up to $450.00 and/or "EJGROOM20" for 20% off orders $450.00 or more!

"If it doesn't fit we'll re-make it for free." That is their promise!

Like Stephen Detwiler, (Brooks Brothers’ VP) says “You never want to be louder than the bride if you’re a groom!” So, no matter what route you decide to go be sure your soon-to-be bride is on the same page and everything will go smoothly. :)

That’s it y'all! If you have any other questions or need further insight feel free to reach out to me directly!

Happy Planning, Lovers!


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