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Elope in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is an INCREDBLE Location for an elopement and you should hire me to help you plan it because you deserve to only have to think about your lover on your big day!

I wish SEO were that simple and that's all that I had to say but there is SO MUCH MORE WORTH SAYING!

Where do I even begin.... I have memories of hiking in Bryce National Park for the first time when I was about 17 years old. My family went on the most amazing roadtrip and hit 17 different state parks or national parks in 3 weeks so we got a quick taste of all of them but Bryce was one that I very vividly remember.

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Fast forward to last June when I went for the second time and took my boyfriend there to experience it for the first time in his long life! We had THE most amazing time and hiked like, a lot of miles in one short day but it was so worth it.

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here is truly nothing like Bryce Canyon and all the breathtaking red hoodoos so if red rock is your jam, then you have chosen the MOST beautiful place to get married. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS. These were taken by amateur me on an iphone. Can you imagine what your professional photographer will capture?!

A few things you should know about BRYCE:


Best Time of Year:

Busiest Time of Year:

Hottest/Coldest Temps:

Best Hikes

Best Places to stay

Your love story is epic and your elopement adventure will be too! Convinced that you don't need a planner because you're 'just eloping'? Let me stop you there.

At SunRae Planning, we help adventuerous couples elope wherever in the world they want and you deserve not to have to think about a single thing except each other. Here are a few ways that we can help:

- Help source and secure the vendors you DO need for your elopement

- Hike with you and carry your bouquet (trust me, it can get heavy!)

- Keep you fed and hydrated

- Fix your dress and stray hairs

- Coordinate a private chef or luxury picnic for after the ceremony

- Create a detailed timeline for the day to make sure we have time for all the 'epic' shots!

Trust me, hiring an elopement planner is the best gift you will give yourself and we can't wait to help make your adventure elopement dreams come true!!!

Happy Planning, Lovers!


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