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Destination Wedding Guest Welcome Bags

I love destination weddings and our team has helped plan a TON of them from start to finish. Whether our clients are looking for "day-of coordination" (we call it Wedding Management) or full-service logistics planning, we have helped with anything and everything that couples have asked for!

As a destination wedding planner, we see a lot of clients opting for adventure airbnbs near national parks and even mansions that sleep their entire bridal party (and more)! Whether you plan to stay in an airbnb, vacation rental, or traditional hotel, having a gift to welcome your guests to your destination wedding weekend, is a great way to kick things off!

Here are a few things to include in your wedding guest welcome bags and a few ideas to consider!

  1. Water (especially as we head into the southern utah summers, it will be HOT!)

  2. Useful items - mints, lint rollers, chapstick, tide sticks, poo pourie

  3. Hang-over kit- advil, eyedrops, emergen-c .

  4. Something Sweet - Yes, I'm talking cakes, cookies, candy etc. Choose your favorite!

  5. Something Salty- Popcorn, trailmix, beef jerky.... all the sustenance!

  6. Something Local -- if you chose a national park, maybe it's something from the gift shop, maybe it's a local honey or handmade soap.

  7. Something weather-related -- sunscreen, personalized (or not) misting fans, aloe vera, pashminas,

  8. Something Personal - personalized tumblers, coozies, sunglasses, socks, games, etc.

  9. A personal note - nothing says 'I'm glad you're here' like a personal note from you and your soon-to-be-partner and they will appreciate the extra thought!

Do you NEED to provide welcome gifts to all of your guests? NO! This is a really nice gesture for everyone coming from all over to celebrate you, but it is an added expense and you probably already have an epic night of food, drink, and fun planned for them! These don't have to included everything on this list and certinaly don't have to be expensive. Maybe you give them to parents and bridal party instead of all of your guests!

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Kolob Terrace Adventure Elopement in Zion

This is something that SunRae Planning, as your wedding coordinators, can take care of if you want something but don't want to worry about putting it all together! Ship everything to us and we can assemble the bags, deliver them to the property your guests are staying at and arrange for them to be put in the rooms! Want us to take care of this service? Let us know and we can add it to your contract!

Happy Planning, Lovers!



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