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Destination wedding planner in Las Vegas!


As a destination wedding planner in Las Vegas, Nevada with teams in St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah- we have the VALUABLE EXPERIENCE that you need to make sure your wedding is a freaking EPIC (and classy) celebration.


  1. They are working professionals who are kick-ass at their job but that means they don't necessarily have the spare time to commit to planning their wedding on their own.

  2. They want a high-end experience and have a realistic understanding of what that will cost (and have at least some idea of what they want!)

  3. They value professional experience because they want someone they can trust. This is a big freaking deal and we don't take that lightly. We have 12+ years of wide-range experience in the event industry and do this with a PASSION for your unique love story. We've gone through endless trainings, made mistakes, and work damn hard to make sure your celebration is everything and more that you wanted it to be.

  4. They love COLOR!! Luxury does NOT mean it has to be black and white and boring.... BLAH. Truly, no offense if that's your color palette and if that is YOU - then HELL YEAH, let's freaking do it. But if you're only doing those colors because you think they're "high-end" and "timeless" ---- let's have a little chat.

  5. They want personalization. This is our specialty in every single way. We do not plan cookie cutter weddings and we are different from most planners because we weave YOUR RELATIONSHIP into every aspect of the design. Quirks? YES. Inside JOKES. love. Weird-ass things that you want to incorporate because they are YOU? we support you 100000%. Not only do we infuse your wedding with personality but we support you, PERSONALLY. Every single client we work with has different needs, different priorities, and different family dynamics so we support you however you need. <3

  6. They want an experience. From the minute you say "yes" till the lights go out at the end of the night, we want your entire experience to be magical and we support that in our processes. We help you think about what you want to feel on your wedding day, what you want to experience and what your guests will remember and when you think about those things? That's when the magic happens and where all the best memories are made. THIS SHOULD BE FUN and you can bet your ass that we will make sure you have the best day of your life. <3

Sound like you?! Did we just become best friends because I'm pretty sure we did. and WE LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!!! We are here for YOU no matter what. <3

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