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Brian & Olga's Zion Wedding

Let me tell you the story of Brian + Olgamarie...

Brian and I met at school. He sat behind me for the first month trying to get my attention, but I was so focused on learning I never realized he was there! It wasn’t until a friend of mine told me he had a crush on me and I thought his name was “Brandon.” He asked me out on a date but didn’t tell me what we were doing. His only request was to wear comfortable shoes. The day of our date arrived and he takes me to the St. Patrick’s day parade that led to brunch, that led to the beach, that led to a boardwalk bar! We ended up spending the ENTIRE day together. We literally were inseparable since that date. So much so we moved in together after dating only 4 months. So crazy but the best decision ever!

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Spring Wedding in Zion

Brian and Olga had been together for 8 years when he proposed on 1/9/21. They had watched the sunset at the beach while eating pizza in their outback and then ended the night by doing a 2,000-piece national park puzzle and singing along to 'Amazed' by Lonestar. Brian started to sing louder and louder and suddenly walked into the garage... Olga turned around and he was still singing but he was down on one knee with tears in his eyes and asked her to marry him.

These two were the absolute cutest to work with and with every single call we had, they got more and more excited about their wedding at the Zion Red Rock Oasis right outside of Zion National Park.

On their wedding day, everything was perfect... except the wind. Oh, mother nature.

Plan A had been for this beautiful couple to get married at the Labyrinth on the property and everything was set to go when the wind kicked in and man did it kick in. Y'all, it was a freaking DUST STORM, and not just dust, but tiny rocks that HURT when they hit you!

Our team very quickly picked up allllll the ceremony chairs, hauled them back down the hill, and set them up in a grass area behind the house. The couple braved a bit of wind for their ceremony and honestly, it wasn't bad right during those moments.

We moved the reception inside the 'green turf soccer room' at the Oasis so that everyone was covered from the wind and in the end, everything was beautiful and amazing and these two got to marry their best friend.

Moral of the story #1. Always always always have a backup plan. Choose a venue with indoor-outdoor space or reserve a tent if the weather looks bad. Our team can work a lot of miracles but we can't control mother nature!

Moral of the story #2. Brian and Olga have a love that will last a lifetime and we are honored to have played a part in their big day. As wedding coordinators, our team thrives on love stories and our favorite part is getting to know the couples we work with! I love following along on Instagram and getting to know your life, your friends, and your family because we are here cheering you from the day that we meet!

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Bridals in Zion

Much love,


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