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Day of Coordination… And Why We Don’t Offer It!

Why don’t we offer “day of" coordination?

First, let me tell you what a true day-of/month-of coordinator is! They’re someone who steps in 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding to help with set-up and handle crisis management on your wedding day. They are not involved in any of the planning. They simply take the plans you’ve made and then execute them the best they can.

This leaves a lot of room for things to fall through the cracks…which means a lot of potential crises... WHICH IS just one of the many reasons we don’t offer this service.

Let’s chat about it!

Understanding Day of Coordination | Wedding Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner

Understanding the Job of A Day-Of Coordinator

Okay, this does not mean that there is no time and place for a coordinator.

If your budget is super tight, hiring a true day-of coordinator might be the best route for you!! And that's okay!

But, if you’ve never planned a wedding before, you probably need more than a true day-of coordinator. You need a team that can help with partial or even full planning services for your own peace of mind and because you deserve to have a professional in your corner to keep you sane and stress-free (at least mostly!)

Our base package includes day-of coordination and most planners do include this in their packages but this is the major difference between planners and coordinators.

What’s the difference?

The Difference Between a Day-Of Coordinator and Planner

A day-of wedding coordinator assists you on your wedding day and ensures the event progresses according to plan. They alleviate stress on your actual wedding day by focusing on the logistics you both discussed the day of.

While a wedding planner is a professional who assists with the design, planning, and management of your wedding. Weddings are huge moments in people's lives, and as such, your planner dedicates more time to create a well-organized event.

Our base package is our “wedding management” package which includes day-of coordination but takes it one step further! We provide our clients with the valuable insight they need through the entire planning process so that they feel confident making decisions knowing they have a professional in their corner.

This also allows us to get to know each other so that we can support you in exactly the way YOU NEED on your wedding day!

Here are things that we offer that day-of coordination does NOT:

We help you from DAY 1. We are there as a resource and guide through the planning process.

We value your relationship. When you work with a planning team, you get to know us and we get to know your relationship, your love story, and your priorities so that we can make sure those things are incorporated into your big day

Provide valuable insight + expertise BEFORE your wedding day

Help you create a personalized and cohesive design

Offer vendor management and/or sourcing

Understanding Day of Coordination | Wedding Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner

SHIT IS GOING TO HAPPEN on your wedding day.... that is totally inevitable but by being part of the wedding planning process early on, we can help mitigate those 'fires' and prevent a lot of them from happening in the first place.

A huge reason that we no longer offer true day-of coordination is because it sets our clients up for disappointment when things didn't go as planned simply because there were plans in place that we didn't have time to change. This also sets our team up for failure because we have to deal with tricky situations and often get blamed when things don't go perfectly.

We believe that we are able to serve our clients best by providing more management, partial, or full-service planning. This way we ensure that wedding days come together beautifully, cohesively, and with as little stress as possible.

We LOVE the personal touches that our clients choose to incorporate into their big day and we are here to help weave your personality seamlessly into every piece of your wedding day!

Happy Planning Lovers!



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