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Choosing a Destination Wedding Location | Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner

While some dream of getting married in their hometown or where they currently live, others have their heart set on another city or country for a destination wedding. Wherever you feel drawn to, choosing the perfect destination wedding location is an important and exciting step in planning your special day!

Choosing a Destination Wedding Location | Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner

FOUR Reasons to Have a Destination Wedding

The question isn’t why to have a destination wedding, but WHY NOT?!

Do you want a beach wedding, a hiking trail, or something in between? The possibilities are endless! Destination weddings are a great way to create a unique and memorable event for you and your guests!

Here are some great reasons to consider having a destination wedding:


Ultimately the location you choose is going to have meaning to both you and your partner! It’s a memorable way to bring you two even closer together surrounded by your loved ones.


Who isn’t a fan of new adventures with your partner?

Your destination wedding is only the beginning of the next chapter in your adventure book together! Kickstart your traveling days with a BANG!


Maybe your destination wedding is a place where your partner popped the question! What a full-circle romantic moment to share with your guests.


Perhaps your family is just too far from each other or never really get to meet because of the distance. Your destination wedding location gives them a chance to spend time together and create memories!

Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Destination Wedding Location

When you're deciding on a destination wedding, it can be a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun! Take the time to research and weigh your options.



Being able to create your and your partner's vision! When you dream of your wedding, what does it look like? Who will be there? Are kids included or is it adults only? All-inclusive? The total number of guests? Activities? Etc. etc.


Are there any special places that are important to you and your partner or are there any places you both have dreamed of going to?


What are things you both like to do for fun? Do you like skiing, hiking, or going to the beach? Those are things to keep in mind when picking a location. Are you staying in your country or going international?


What are the location’s marriage requirements? There are places that are very specific about exactly what you need to do to legally get married there. Requirements also change from country to country (long waiting periods, blood tests, or fees are a few examples you might run into).

TIP: If you have your heart set on a place that might have requirements that are harder to do, then you might have to look at having a civil ceremony at home before your big day!


Traveling/Distance: What do the flights look like arriving at the location? Are there any direct flights? If not- how many stops? Is there any additional travel after? Driving time, boats, and ferries all play into your consideration.

Reminder: If your wedding is hard to travel to, it might cut your guest list down.


Are both your passports active? If you want your destination wedding internationally and you don’t have one, I would apply for one as soon as possible!


Set a budget before looking at destinations to avoid going overboard! It’s not a requirement but think about if you’re going to include guest expenses in the budget.


Can you visit before booking? If not, you can plan your entire destination wedding with the help of a local wedding planner!


What is the time of year/season/weather you plan on going? Is it peak season or their off-season? Off-season could get you a better rate, but it could be because of the poor weather.


Are you planning on having other wedding events? A welcome party or brunch, a rehearsal dinner?


Do you have wedding insurance? It’s important to think about both you and your partner’s peace of mind in case the unexpected happens.


Do the hotels nearby have room blocks? It’s always nice to have all your guests stay in one place that saves travel time and possibly money.


What vendors are you going to need? For me, a wedding planner is a must!

TIP: Try hopping on a video call with a potential vendor! It’s a good way to see if you are a good match. Be sure to add travel fees to your budget if you want a vendor that is not local!

FOURTEEN Your Honeymoon! Are you going to stay in the same place or go somewhere else?

Choosing a Destination Wedding Location | Planning Tips from a Southern Utah Wedding Planner

FIVE Benefits of Hiring a Professional Event Planner

It’s no secret that a professional event planner can help you create a beautiful and stress-free wedding experience. Now take that and double it when it comes to a destination wedding!


Instead of worrying about the time constraint and logistics, let us handle that so you can focus on the bigger aspects of your event.

What is that? Having an AMAZING time!


We’ve put in our time in the industry and know how to navigate. We’ve fostered relationships with vendors that help create a vendor list for you.

Our vendor list is full of businesses that you can trust and guarantee a good time.


A wedding planner can help you stay organized and right on with your budget! We coordinate vendors and handle all the details that can be overwhelming for couples planning a destination wedding.

Our goal is to get all the details you are envisioning and bring them to life on your special day!

There are so many stunning locations for a destination wedding all over the world. A destination location is such a personal decision and I hope this guide helps you find the perfect one!

As always,

Happy Planning, Lovers!


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