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Welcome to “Impressive Petals”, Southern Utah’s premier (and only!) floral preservation studio! I am a flower-loving, memory-preserving, destination wedding planner right outside of Zion National Park and nothing makes me happier than helping brides plan and execute their happily ever after.


Your wedding day is one that you will remember for the rest of your life and what better way to preserve the magic of your wedding day than by pressing + preserving your gorgeous bridal bouquet??

As a destination wedding planner, I work with brides from across the United States who come to beautiful southern Utah to get married at Zion National Park! Flowers are a brides best friend and there is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers at a wedding (except the bride, of course!) … but what happens to the flowers when you fly home?!

Every time I hear the words: 

"The flowers can just be thrown away"


You paid good money for the most beautiful flowers for your bridal bouquet and then they just get thrown away?!

Nope. Not anymore. I won’t stand for it!

You pay for professional wedding photos of your big day so that you can re-live the magic of your wedding for the rest of your life… well, do you know what hangs really nicely next to those wedding photos? Your pressed bouquet! Constant compliments on your home decor guaranteed!


Preserve the magic and your bridal bouquet with ‘impressive petals’ floral preservation studio. 

The Pressing Process:


This service needs to be arranged ahead of time and your bouquet must be in my hands (delivered or overnighted to me) within 48 hours of your wedding.


Please keep your bouquet in water AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Fresh Flowers press best. I will do the best I can with bouquets in all conditions but there are no guarantees! The success of pressing a flower depends highly on how much water they retain. Flowers such as roses and lilies are harder to press because they naturally retain water. In this case, I do my best to disassemble the flower before pressing.

**Please note that flowers will naturally fade in the press and that they will continue to fade over time. I actually love this concept because in 50 years you'll look back at your bouquet and the faded colors will be a reminder of just how long you've been married to your love!**


Basic Frames:

$175: (11x14 frame or smaller)

$250: (16x20 frame))

Premium Frames:

$350: (11x14 frame or smaller) 

$450: (16x20 frame) 

Custom Frames: Request proposal

Frame colors: Gold, Silver, Black, White, brown.... Based on availability 

** Price includes a pressed arrangement of your bridal bouquet, a frame, and shipping.

My sweet friend Maree with a memory bouquet for her late dog Kona. 



Obviously, I would love to be your wedding coordinator too but you do not have to hire me that in order for me to press your bouquet. I want ALL brides to have access to this service so I promise my feelings won't be hurt if you only book me for preservation!


- Eventfully, Jacqueline

Based in beautiful southern Utah in St. George near Zion National Park. Willing to travel anywhere!

Eventfully, Jacqueline

Wedding Management + Floral Preservation


Instagram: @eventfully.Jacqueline

"I am committed to executing and preserving your unique and magical love story"


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